ReverZiel Infotech's Services

With an understanding that comes from obsessive attention to details, our outstanding creativity brings you an Effective and Perfectly Designed Result.

We provide Web App solutions for most technology platforms including open source stacks like Angular, MEAN, PHP-based stacks, Ruby on Rails, Java as well as .NET. We use the latest UI/UX frameworks like Bootstrap, Ionic, Foundation etc.

Our mobile solutions are targetted towards iPhone/iPads as well as Android platforms using the latest development platforms. We can help create the mobile platform for your existing applications and give it a new dimension to the UI.

We help you engage with your customers by using popular platforms like Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn. We customize your systems to share customer experience through social media. We perform Social Media Analytics on your profiles to monitor the brand health.

We provide end to end solution for CCTV Installation which will keep track of all activities in your company or Industry.

We already provided services to Gokul Dudh Sangh and also For Kolhapur District Central Co-Operative Bank (KDCC) from last 3 years

Most of our work focuses mainly on building Stunning and highly Responsive websites and incredibly refined User Experiences for Web. We design Beautiful, Creative but still ultra functional design for websites and Web applications.

We are a company that offers design and build services for you from initial sketches to the final construction.